THE 3 R’s of Meal Times

  1. RESPECT: Allow children to control what they try, touch, smell, and taste. You control what’s put on their plate!
  2. REMEMBER: Meal time is a social time! Let your child help you in the kitchen whenever possible. Smile, make faces, be a little silly every once in a while. Praise your child for all new foods they try!
  3. REVISIT: Never force feed a child; it will take months to undo the broken trust. Imagine someone constantly coming at your face with a spoonful of your least favorite food. Instead, revisit a food at different meals or prepared differently (boiled, cold, sliced, diced or whole). Explore foods through non-eating activities: make pictures with food, stack cookies or crackers, slice bananas into circles, etc. Show your child food is enjoyable!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your child is gagging, choking and/or continually coughing during meals or snacks, a more in-depth evaluation of their swallowing skills may be warranted by a Speech/Language/Feeding Specialist and/or medical practitioner.

Always talk to your doctor or Early Intervention Primary Service Provider about any incidents with food and seek immediate medical attention anytime your child’s breathing is compromised during a meal time.

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