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Our therapists are excited and ready to serve your needs.
All therapists are Ohio Licensed and ASHA Certified. 

LaRita Condon

Owner and lead SLP, LaRita focuses on families. Serving infants and toddlers in learning to eat, swallow, play and speak with the people that love them. Through consultative and coaching models in natural environments throughout the community, she shares her twenty plus years of experience supporting parents through instruction in sign language, pictures for communication and spoken language growth.

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Lynn Smallwood

Lynn keeps us accountable with her exceptional skills in reading and phonological awareness. In addition, she has a specialty in severe speech sound disorders including Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She serves students, helping them succeed in their written and spoken language to be academically successful. Lynn is the owner of a sister company called Speak Life that serves students virtually every day. 

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Kelsey Kuenning

 Kelsey serves students who have a variety of communication disorders and needs including speech, receptive and expressive language, and technology needs. She enjoys working with students each day and supporting them so they can effectively express in their daily life. She strives to give them the best service possible while finding creative ways to create engagement.

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The CC’s next to our names indicate that we are Certified Clinically Competent speech pathologists who have been mentored by a senior clinician for nine months.

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Phone: (419) 202-0825