We offer a variety of services and work to your individual needs!

The Process

We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible when working with us. Here are a few steps that you can expect to experience when you decide to work with us!


We want to take the time to talk to you about the services that we can provide and our process.

parent Interview

We want to meet you and understand the goals you have for our program.

child assessment

Depending on the age of the child we will conduct a handful of assessments unless you have previous assessments.

begin lessons

When we have gathered all information you will begin lessons with one of our therapists.

Here Are The Services We Provide

We serve children from many different ages and backgrounds. We like to meet and interview parents before deciding the best approach to meets your child’s specific needs.

Feeding Therapy

Whether your child is transitioning from breast milk to solids or purees to finger foods and having difficulties, we will assess if the breakdown is structural, function, or behavioral and set a meal time intervention plan that incorporates sensory, behavior modification and oral-motor therapy to increase food acceptance and intake.

Summer speech

Utilizing IEPs provided by the parent and school, we support continued learning towards established long and short term goals

Summer speech camp

In collaboration with Speak Life, we offer a collection of camps targeting speech and language skill advancement.

Communication, speech, language Therapy

We tailor our intervention to meet the individual and family needs of our clients. Offering therapy in a variety of location, virtually and/or in person for a variety of visit length ranging from 15 minutes to one hour. Our focus will be from basic pre-speech skills of engagement and circles of interaction, simple following of directions and imitating words to communicating based needs to class presentations/speeches. Along the way we support multi-modality communication with signs, picture communication and voice output device support.

reading intervention

Utilizing pre-reading and phonemic awareness strategies to foster growth in this lifelong skill is of utmost importance to us!

Sign language instruction

We help bridge the communication between toddlers, including those with speech delays and their parents or caregivers to foster loving connections through-out the day. 

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Phone: (419) 202-0825