My name is LaRita Condon and I am the owner of Condon Communication Specialists (CCS). I have worked with CCS from the beginning to make sure that we serve families above and beyond. I love what my team and I do. It would be my greatest joy to partner with you and your child in their communication journey. 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

Education is important to me; and, because of this, I focused my education on my specific career path. I received my Bachelor’s of Science from Bowling Green State University in May of 1990. After this, I went on to earn my Master of Art’s from the University of Cincinnati in December of 1993. Through this education, I learned principles and techniques that have helped me develop CCS into what it is today.

My family plays a huge part of who I am. We are an eclectic bunch with varied interests.  Everyone loves the outdoors. Dan, my husband, loves gardening. I like walks around town looking at flowers, landscaping, bicycling and swinging at the park. You can find me reading, cooking, cleaning, going to church or visiting extended family in my free time.  Sarah (21) likes performing at theme parks and aerial yoga; while, Micah (19) likes cruising with friends, campfires, playing Uker and reading.  And, Josiah (17) likes building, playing airsoft games, football, basketball, climbing just about anything and eating smores.

Apart from my family, I have had many roles as an SLP (speech-language pathologist) with CCS. Initially, serving a few families in private practice during my summers and weekends off as newly married, I enjoyed the intensive one-one therapy visits with my clients. 

After starting a full-time job at Mary Rutan Hospital, I continued with a few clients on my days off and started serving the adult services workshop close to my home. From the interactions and consultations provided to the DD (Developmental Disabilities) adults, I expanded to Early Intervention (EI). I have been serving the community for over ten years with CCS as the early intervention consultant working with parents and toddlers to foster communication through signing and verbal speech. As I travel to homes or visit virtually, to share ideas about how to promote sound development in words, I love the adult and child interactions I watch and engage with on a daily basis.  

As the owner of CCS, I allow contractors to pull resources to serve families with exceptional skills and provide a network of support to one another!  I lead our group in modeling the swallowing and speech skills necessary to train team members and parents on acceptance of a variety of foods, oral movements in connected speech simplification and responding to infant and toddlers behaviors related to communication, speech and feeding.

My FAVORITE part of my job is seeing new accomplishments- first words!!!  Watching the joy of parents faces as they see their child gain skills that will help them forever! I would love to partner with you in your child’s journey.

I look forward to getting to know you as I hope you have learned a little more about me!



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